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The Lincoln is mated to a six-speed SelectShift automatic transmission.

2016 Lincoln MKX first drive

Lower, wider, smoother


What is it?

The quick and easy answer is that Lincoln’s 2016 MKX is the new-for-’15 Ford Edge wearing lipstick and some fancy duds. Dig a little deeper though and the changes are many. No body panel or interior piece is shared between the two, and the Lincoln looks longer, lower and wider than the outgoing MKX. It’s actually about the same length as the old one but is less tall and a bit wider. It looks sort of like an MKC set at 125% on a copier. The MKX and Edge share platforms and some underpinnings (the MKX’s suspension is far more sophisticated and adjustable), and the two crossovers are built at the same plant. That’s about it for the similarities. Bottom line is the midsize luxury utility market is hot, hot, hot; Lincoln wants to stay in the thick of it and borrowing a bit from the Edge sped things up. Ford’s upscale division did a nice job distinguishing the MKX from its Ford sibling.

Control Trac four-wheel-drive system enhances traction on slippery surfaces, helps improve handling on dry roads and enables off-road capability.

2015 Lincoln Navigator L review notes


EDITOR WES RAYNAL: The 2015 Lincoln Navigator is the first major update to the model since 2007!

The biggest change is dumping the 5.4-liter V8 in favor of a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6. A more Lincoln-esque front end is here as well. I like the ginormous interior, especially the big knobs for things like volume and climate. It beats the touchsense stuff required in some other luxury utes.

It drives mostly like the 6,300 pounder it is. There must be a ton of sound deadeners because this baby is quiet on the road. Steering is decent and the ride is smooth. Having a V6 in a truck this heavy might seem like not enough, but no worries: Plenty of power here; feels nice and torquey. The in-dash mpg meter said I averaged 11 mpg home and back to work, so wondering where the “eco” is…

Nevertheless, early indications are the changes seem to be working: Lincoln sold 916 in January compared to only 375 in January 2014. Mercedes-Benz moved 2,121 GL-classes, Cadillac 1,100 Escalades, and Infiniti 1,248 QX80s in case you wondered.

The Navigator has received a new look for the 2015 model year.

2015 Lincoln Navigator 4x4 V6 first drive


What is it?

The Lincoln Navigator received a redesign for the 2015 model year, bringing an evolving corporate look to a descendant of one of the better-remembered, if not the oldest, entries in the segment. The new model stays true to the original large luxury SUV formula but it has been sensibly updated for a more energy-conscious age -- the recent return of 1990s gas prices notwithstanding.

The first thing that shoppers will notice is the new front fascia, which retains just a hint of the 1961 Lincoln Continental look that was borrowed by the outgoing model. The 2015 Navigator now features a split front fascia which leans heavier on horizontal chrome bars instead of the rectangular mesh pattern that paid homage to the Kennedy Continental. The rear fascia has also been redesigned, adopting a tapered look for the rear bumper in addition to larger helpings of chrome. The two large horizontal taillights have now been joined by a large red horizontal light strip running just below the rear window for a more integrated look, while the side skirts have thankfully lost the large chrome appliques that adorned the bottom sections of the doors. Overall, the appearance is less visually busy, though we do miss the Continental-style grille of the outgoing flagship. Completing the look are standard 20-inch machined aluminum wheels, though 22-inch wheels are also on the menu.

The MKZ's polarizing exterior styling grew on us over time

2013 Lincoln MKZ review notes

Not quite the impact player Lincoln needs

06/21/2013 EDITOR WES RAYNAL: I generally liked this 2013 Lincoln MKZ. I get the launch was a disaster, with the models coming out of Mexico not up to snuff in terms of quality. I also get the sense that Ford has completely lost its way with Lincoln and marketing luxury cars for the most part.But this one particular car wasn't bad. Compared to other Lincolns the car at least has some style to it. The MKZ and Ford Fusion are basically the same car underneath, and I do like the Fusion's look better, but overall the Lincoln looks good. The EcoBoost four-cylinder provided enough oomph and the all-wheel drive plenty of grip. I bet this would be a tough SOB in the winter. The body motions are well controlled for the most part, but the ride can get somewhat choppy.The interior is mostly good, though I'd like to see more robustness to some of the switchgear. The steering column stalks feel particularly
Lincoln's 2013 MKZ Hybrid is a fine-looking vehicular product.

2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid drive review

Cultural progressives can't save Lincoln … yet

05/10/2013 What Is It?The Lincoln brand is on the cusp of fate. Ford, after divesting itself from its bold Premier Auto Group experiment and purging money-grubbing Mercury from its ranks, now has the capital available to bolster Lincoln over the next few years -- and in fact is pumping the brand with cash at a rate to make a Swiss banker blanch. Witness the Super Bowl advertising onslaught, the promise of seven new or redesigned vehicles in the next four years, and the sped-up development of the MKC -- a compact SUV that shares its chassis with the Escape, but (the Lincoln people swear by this) almost nothing above the undercarriage. All this will take time. Cadillac didn't become a serious alternative to the Germans for 15 years; memories of the woeful Catera took a while to fade. Hyundai could never have sold the Equus in 2003 with a straight face. And so it is with Lincoln, which has launched the first product of its transformation in the gui
The 2013 Lincoln MKZ is a make-or-break product for Ford's luxury brand. Hybrid model shown.

First Drive - 2013 Lincoln MKZ

It’s the car that will save Lincoln, or not

11/21/2012 No one at Lincoln minimizes the importance of the 2013 MKZ. The sedan is the first of four new Lincolns debuting over the next three years, and the starting point for an overhaul intended to remake the brand and return it to prosperity, or at least relevance. Lincoln’s management team understands that the clock is ticking. This new MKZ is about five inches longer than the 2012 model, with five more inches between its wheel hubs. Its exterior dimensions approximate those of the Lexus ES 350, which Lincoln has identified as a prime target for conquest sales. Based purely on the size of its footprint, the new MKZ slots right between the Audi A4 and the A6.Like its predecessor, this
The 2013 Lincoln MKS gets 365 hp from its EcoBoost engine.

2013 Lincoln MKS EcoBoost review notes

Lincoln luxury comes at a price

09/19/2012 WEST COAST EDITOR MARK VAUGHN: When I first saw this mid- to full-size American luxo-cruiser parked in the driveway, I said something like “nice!” or “such refreshing styling!” or “Is this my driveway?” Its proportions were different from anything else on the road, more upright around the greenhouse with a few sort-of subtle Lincoln signature crosses thrown in here and there. The 2013 model also gets a new front end with a sleeker, swoopier grille. Inside, there were distinct touches that separated this from the competition: the padded dash and padded everything else and the cool flat controls on the center stack for the HVAC and stereo. It was also quiet inside, thanks to the Lincoln/Ford active noise control.It drove really nicely, too, thanks to Lincoln Drive Control, which “orchestrates the performance” of the suspension. I never got a chance to make the AWD squeal on any snow or even dirt. I really should have taken it to a track to s
Lincoln paid a good amount of attention to improving the MKS's ride and handling.

2013 Lincoln MKS gets a good refresh

05/08/2012 With all of the hoopla surrounding the unveiling of the revised MKZ at the New York auto show, you couldn't be blamed for missing the quiet rollout of Lincoln's refreshed large sedan, the MKS. Then again, maybe you missed both debuts. That wouldn't surprise us. After all, Lincoln is better known these days as the preferred provider of airport livery services than as a maker of haute luxury wheels.Like as not, few folks shopping a Lexus will cross the street to check out the shiny wares at their local Lincoln dealership. Neither will many Audi, BMW or Mercedes-Benz shoppers. The people you will f
The 2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, an AW Drivers Log

02/15/2011 ASSISTANT ART DIRECTOR/DESIGNER TARA KLEIN: Any company that picks Mad Men actor John Slattery to promote its product is already good with me. But now that I've actually driven the 2011 Lincoln MKZ hybrid, I'm even more of a fan.The perfect word for this car is classic. The design is timeless. The MKZ (the entire Lincoln lineup, for that matter) is in a small group of vehicles that can appeal to a 20-year-old or a 90-year-old, which is a huge success in itself. The sharklike front grille is distinctive, and the enlarged emblems on the front and the rear of the car fit well and stand out at the same time. You instantly identify it as a Lincoln. The quality continues inside. The chrome and wood accents create dynamic contours in the cabin, and the steering wheel feels and fits nicely. The large screen that features the nav system, temperature controls and radio is easy to operate, having plenty of space for controls that are large enough to clearly touch without accidentally hitting three other buttons. And speaking of screens, the dash
The twin-turbo V6 in the 2011 Lincoln MKT is rated at 355 hp.

2011 Lincoln MKT EcoBoost, an AW Drivers Log

02/06/2011 EXECUTIVE EDITOR--AUTOWEEK.COM BOB GRITZINGER: I'm not sure this MKT is my cup of tea, mostly because of its monstrous weight, odd styling and tough sightlines. It seems there are a lot of other ways to present this kind of station wagon/crossover functionality in a more pleasing wrapper--wait, Lincoln offers it in the MKX. Now there's a car that doesn't leave you wondering what's in those huge blind spots. Luckily, the rear-camera system is excellent, including bright rearward lighting to show the way when backing out of darkened driveways.That said, this wood-and-leather interior is extremely handsome and comfortable with all the bells and whistles, there's the turbo V6, and the six-speed automatic powertrain pulls steady and strong, despite the car's heft.What I'd like is a lighter-weight version of this wagon, with bolder, more creased styling lifted directly from the heritage this one merely mimics. J Mays and his designers have never been subtle when it comes to grabbing from the past, so why now? Make this baby look like a '64 Continental with

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